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Sport Perfomance

Strength and conditioning is the bedrock of elite sport performance. Benefits include increased preparedness,  increased sport specific fitness, injury prevention, and increased team camaraderie. Cheyenne Performance coach Patrick Cunningham is a youth sports coach himself. As a coach he understands the difficulty of preparing young athletes for an upcoming season, maintaining their fitness levels, and trying to find the time and resources to train your team outside of normal practice. Cheyenne Performance is proud to offer Cheyenne's premier option for preparing your athletes for their competitive seasons. Coach Patrick Cunningham has the knowledge and passion to work with your athletes at any point in their sport season cycle; the offseason, the preseason, and/or in-season. Patrick will prepare your team with unique programs designed to your athletes individual needs, as well as the demands of their sport. Please contact us to talk more about adding professional strength and conditioning to your teams arsenal. 

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