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Personal Training

Cheyenne Performance coach, Patrick Cunningham, trains clients exclusively at Mary's Fitness. Mary's Fitness is a state of the art fitness studio in Cheyenne Wyoming, it is owned and operated by Mary Bushkuhl. To learn more about Mary and Mary's Fitness visit her website here


Whether you have experience with strength and conditioning or are a novice, personal training with Cheyenne Performance will enhance your fitness level. While working with Cheyenne Performance you will receive custom exercise programs, coached and designed by Patrick Cunningham. If you are interested in losing weight, adding strength, improving sport performance, or simply wanting to move more, Cheyenne Performance can help. Exercise is a science and training should be treated as such. Clients working with Cheyenne Performance can be assured that a thoughtful, and analytical approach is being taken towards their goals.

One On One

One on One training is a great option for anyone at any point in their fitness journey. Workouts are customized to meet your fitness goals. All sessions take place with coach Patrick Cunningham. Contact for a free consultation.

30 Minute Session - $45

50 Minute Session - $70

Partner Training

Partner training is a great way to get fit with a friend. Workouts will be designed to meet both partners goals and to be done together. All sessions take place with coach Patrick Cunningham. Prices are per person. Contact for a free consultation.


30 Minute Session - $25

50 Minute Session - $40

Small Group

Group Training is a great option for people of all ages. This is a popular option especially among the young athletes I work with! Prices are per person (50 minutes).

Group of 3 - $30/Session

Group of 4 - $25/Session

Group of 5-8 - $20/Session

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